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As a small business owner, it's never easy to decide how to spend and allocate marketing dollars. Over the last few years I had had spent more than I ..... read more

- Ethan J.
I have been working with Loyal 9 Marketing for several years. Great company to work with...Responsive, energetic and extremely enthusiastic ..... read more

- John L.
When I began working with Loyal 9 my website was not very important to me even though I knew it should be. Truth is, there are too many ..... read more

- Joe T.
I wanted to write and thank Loyal 9 Marketing for their continual efforts in bringing innovative marketing practices to small business owners. It is ..... read more

- Steve N.
This review may be slightly different in nature than other reviews of Loyal 9 but it is the same in one regard - that it gives 5 stars for expertise and excellent ..... read more

- Jeff L.
My experience with Loyal 9 Marketing has been phenomenal. With all of the online directories that are available nowadays, it is hard to keep track of everything ..... read more

- Amber L.
I used Loyal 9 Marketing for some of my online campaigns and they went above and beyond my expectations. Their staff was super friendly and I ..... read more

- Jerrod M.
I'm a local small business owner with a couple man shop and with the economy in the the shape it is nowadays I was reluctant at first to work ..... read more

- nbassassin1
You were very helpful to us providing more of an understanding as to how our site will work. We are hopeful that with your knowledge and honesty that our ..... read more

- Ernest O.
I have been working with Loyal 9 marketing for a few months. My business has increased greatly. I used to be booked for a week ahead. Now I am booked ..... read more

- Frank C.
I was really concerned about this, because we were having a hard time understanding. But through talking to you today, we understand this ..... read more

- Mr. & Mrs. Pedersen
Our experience with Bonny at Loyal 9 has been extremely positive and helpful. Especially for those who are not completely updated and informed, knowledgeable with Internet process ..... read more

- Jorrold & Renee P.
Today was my best experience working with Loyal 9. When I first signed up, it was a lot of confusion. I think you you have helped me out a lot. You've given me a lot of info ..... read more 

- Jerry C.
Loyal 9 is a good company to work with. They offer prompt service and get back to me when I call. That's good because a lot of people don't. They have ongoing customer communication ..... read more

- Brad B.
Bonny at Loyal 9 has proven to be very helpful and effective. My experience with another company was very frustrating and expensive, but the time and money I have spent with Loyal 9 ..... read more

- Mike L.
Bonny has been very helpful in regards to my Google listing. Apparently, the listing information has to be updated on Google's end. She even spoke to the Google rep on my behalf. We are hoping ..... read more

- Russell Luery
In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive. It feels like your money is going into a void, falling into this computer. Now after 3 months where I see the results kicking in, I'm very pleased ..... read more

- Royal Pro Aluminum
You have done an excellent job. I was very skeptical at first, and wanted to cancel. But you have changed my mind, and made me see the positive in what you have ..... read more

- Charles Gajeske